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Residential Housing Complex

COVID-19 Mortgage

Assistance Program

You may qualify for financial assistance.

In Need of Financial Assistance to Pay Your Mortgage?

We Can Help You Apply for Aid. 

This page is for the MORTGAGE assistance program. If you need help with your rental payment please visit our RENTAL assistance program page here

Mortgage Assistance Details

Applications are scheduled to remain open August 24th through September 4th, however the application period may end prematurely due to a surplus of applications


The Emergency Mortgage Assistance (EMA) program will provide homeowners impacted by COVID-19 with up to  $15,000 to cover missed and/or future mortgage payments in 2020. This is a LOTTERY system. Just because you qualify and complete an application does NOT guarantee you a payment. To learn more, visit

HOW no ofrece asistencia con la solicitud en español. Si necesita ayuda en español, haga clic aquí y llame a uno de los otros proveedores que figuran en la página dos.

What You Will Need

  • Check your eligibility: See if you qualify for the Mortgage Assistance Program at  

  • Complete the application: All borrowers who appear on the mortgage statement should be included in the application.

  • Gather the necessary documents: You will need specific documents to complete the application including:

    • a self-certification of income loss due to COVID-19. You must certify under penalty of perjury that all the information in your application is true and accurate.

    • 2019 Tax Return(s) for all borrowers on the mortgage

    • Driver’s License or other Photo ID for all applicants; and

    • Mortgage Statement.

    • Please see question 13 on the FAQs for a complete list of necessary documentation. 


  • Your household income before March 1, 2020 was less than the maximum allowed for your area.

  • You or an adult member of your household has had a loss of income due to COVID-19

  • Your mortgage was current through February 2020

  • You have unpaid mortgage payments beginning sometime after March 1, 2020

How To Apply

HOW is here to assist you with the application process.

If you would like to complete the application over the phone with a HOW Specialist, or have questions regarding the mortgage application please call and ask for Tony at:

  • (773) 340-2617

  • (773) 465-5770

Alternatively, click on the "Contact HOW" button below, complete the form, and someone from HOW will reach out to you directly. 

If you would like to complete the application on your own, please visit If you'd like assistance at any point during the application process, please use the numbers listed above to contact Tony. 

Please read IHDA's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if you have additional questions.

FAQs - Espanol - para ser agregado

For those who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired, please contact Navicore Solutions for free assistance at (877) 274-4309 (TTY).

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