Airetta Ramey-Beverly, Administrative Coordinator

Audrey Morson, Administrative Receptionist

Britt Shawver, Chief Executive Officer

Cassidy Morris, Senior Director of Operations

Kimberlee Ross, Director of Programs

Sara Birchler, Data and Quality Assurance Manager 

Finance and Accounting

Carin Weingarten, Director of Finance & Accounting

Jennifer Cauley, Accountant

Kendra Brown, Accountant
Margie Gonzalez, Accountant

Rita Johnson, Property Management Accountant


Becky Ramsey, Institutional Giving Manager

David Mowery, Director of Government Relations

Mary Coy, Director of Development
Meg Kostecka, Individual Giving Manager

Noelle Moore, Community Engagement Coordinator


Connie Cooper, Housing Specialist

Dave Siegel, Director of Intake

Germari Anderson, Housing Specialist

John Odom, Housing Specialist

Latosha Street, Housing Specialist

Monique Byrd, Housing Specialist

Tarita James, Housing Manager


Support Services

Arielle Weston, Youth Housing Assistance

  Program Coordinator

Brandi Cowan, Housing Advocate

Cherry Lyman, Case Manager Team Lead

Emily Hickey, Case Manager Team Lead

Danielle Hill, Case Manager

Jaeron Mickle, Case Manager

Jamin Fox, Case Manager Team Lead

Jonathan Doyle, Health Care Manager

Katerine Garcia Martinez, Case Manager

Kimberly Bradshaw, Case Manager

Kimberly Gleeson, FIT Program Coordinator

Kris Anderson, Director of Youth Programs

Lois George, Case Manager

Lotoya Bell, Case Manager

Lovea Smith, Director of Support Services

Marquita McGraw, Case Manager

Mary Ann Stott, Director of Support Services

Olivia Imbrogno, Community-Based Case Manager

Pamela Brown, Case Manager

Rosemarie Wilson-Banks, Case Manager

Ruby Konopka, Case Manager
Simonia Staton, Case Manager

Stephanie Kaloustian, Housing Advocacy Case Manager

Suless Burton-Francis, Case Manager
Tiffany Smith, Case Manager
Tim Anstett, Manager of Homeless Dedicated Prevention
Vanessa Koonce, Case Manager 

Employment Services

Humaira Zafar,  Manager of Employment Services

Spresa Zeqiri, Employment Specialist 


Youth Services
Ebonie Meek, Youth Specialist

Emily Studenmund, Case Manager Team Lead/Youth Specialist

Kris Anderson, Youth Program Director

Housing Opportunities for Women

1607 West Howard St.

Third Floor

Chicago IL 60626

Phone: 773-465-5770

Fax: 773-465-5771


Housing Opportunities for Women

1607 W Howard St.

Third Floor

Chicago, IL 60626


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