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Administration Team

Sara Birchler, Data and Quality Assurance Manager

Tony Duenas, IT and Systems Manager

Leslie Peterson, Office Manager/Reception

Cassidy Stein, Director of Administration

Britt Shawver, Chief Executive Officer

Finance and Accounting Team

Kendra Brown, Accountant

Meg Shackelford, Grant Accountant

Jim Resler, Bookkeeper

Hanh Dang, Payroll Accountant

Carin Weingarten, Director of Finance & Accounting

Development Team

Gretchen Goetzman, Development Manager
Grace Huettel, Development Coordinator

Mandee Russell, Government Grants and Contract Manager

Asset Management Team

Jamie Mocker, DCFS Family Unification Program Liaison

Arielle Weston, DCFS Youth Housing Assistance Program Coordinator

Veronica Chapa, DCFS Housing Assistance Support Staff

Natalie Elliott, Housing Liaison

Taaricia Walker, Housing Liaison

Jacqueline Whiting Moore, HQS Inspector

Lillian Williamson, Director of Asset Management

Harold Humphrey, Maintenance Technician

Health Services Team

Latoya Bell, Case Manager

Suless Burton-Francis, Case Manager

Kalby Dunn-Lubin, Health Care Case Manager

Phyllis George, Health Care Case Manager

Lois George, Program Manager

Vanessa Koonce, Case Manager

Octavia Eddings, Case Manager

Mary Ann Stott, Clinical Director of Support Services

Kiarra Williams, Case Manager

Jalissa Murray, Case Manager

Youth and Families Team

Kimberly Bradshaw, Case Manager

Kimberly Gleeson, Program Manager

Sara Herrera,Youth Specialist

Lauren Lundgren, Case Manager

Safiya Hassan, Case Manager

Rachel Amegatcher, Youth Specialist

Sarah Castillo, Case Manager

Keaira Miles, Case Manager

Hailey Volmar, Case Manager

Long-term Rental Assistance Team

Elizabeth (Izzy) Bruce, Case Manager

Marisol Carranza-Arroyo, Case Manager

Jamin Fox, Program Manager

Katerine Garcia Martinez, Case Manager

Ruby Konopka, Case Manager

Jerryn Poothakary, Case Manager

Jesse Gilner, Case Manager

Rosemarie Wilson-Banks, Case Manager

Somtochukwu Jane Madu, Case Manager

Prevention and Community Based Services Team

Tim Anstett, Manager of Homeless Dedicated Prevention

Shawntae Early, Housing Advocate

Joselynn Ali, Housing Advocate

Rosa Jones, Case Manager

Emilie Perez, Housing Advocate

Claudia Escamilla, Housing Advocate

Amber Pollards, Housing Advocate

Carrie Borkowski, Housing Advocate

Isis Applewhite, Case Manager

Vickey Moore, Case Manager

Employment Services Team

Bora Fona, Employment Specialist

Spresa Zeqiri, Employment Manager

Yasmine Perez, Employment Specialist

Housing Opportunities for Women

1607 West Howard St.

Third Floor

Chicago IL 60626

Phone: 773-465-5770

Fax: 773-465-5771

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