Comprehensive Case Management
Employment and Life Skills
Children and Youth Services

By pairing support services with housing, HOW Case Managers develop meaningful relationships with clients that are built on communication, compassion, and shared goals.

Comprehensive Case Management

This is the core component of HOW's support services for both individuals and families. Case Managers work with each client to develop a Service Plan with short- and long-term goals and then provide the support and assistance needed to accomplish those goals. 

Employment and Life Skills

HOW provides a variety of services to meet diverse needs for the adults and children in its programs. Case managers assist clients in acquiring benefits, maintaining employment, and receiving education. Life skills training, budgeting, and financial literacy workshops are available. HOW’s case managers are advocates for their clients and provide crisis intervention and conflict resolution as needed, with the goal of maintaining secure housing for each clients.

Children and Youth Services

HOW’s Youth Team provides a network of services to HOW Families in order to assist youth in achieving academic success and ensuring that HOW children reach their highest potential and become well-rounded adults. Youth Services include after-school academic coaching and enrichment activities, a Saturday teen program, summer camp, referrals to neighborhood tutoring and after-school programs, and helping to ensure successful school transitions from Kindergarten through College. The HOW Youth Team works directly with parents and youth to create individualized youth support plans.

Wellness Services

Stable health and access to health care are essential factors for economic and housing stability. HOW’s case managers help clients navigate their way through today’s complicated health care system, provide referrals to medical and mental health services, and help families develop the skills needed to access community health services. On-site Recovery Specialists support clients to achieve and maintain their sobriety goals through individual counseling and group activities, while HOW’s innovative Peer Chef program helps participants learn healthy shopping and cooking skills on a budget,


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