If HOW raises $10,000 through its Day of Giving the agency will receive a $10,000 matching gift! HOW only receives these funds if we make our goal so please donate now!

This year's topic:
Rx Housing - Lived Experiences

HOW is celebrating its annual Day of Giving on Wednesday, August 25th to commemorate the organization's founding 38 years ago. Thousands of individuals and families have walked through our doors since then.


While no two clients are the same, similarities in many of their stories are. Too often the origin of clients' housing instability or homelessness is linked to a deterioration in their health. This year's Day of Giving will focus on the remarkable healing power of home, spotlighting HOW's clients as they share their stories and resilience. 

The second session in HOW's Rx Housing Speaker series will occur on our Day of Giving. Supporters community members, and learners are invited to virtually attend HOW's Rx Housing: Lived Experiences speaker session featuring clients sharing their stories and the ways in which stable housing affects a person's health and wellbeing. 


"Receiving the key to our apartment was the greatest day ever. It meant me being able to truly relax, be at ease, and finish my cancer treatment. It meant healing and recuperating in our own home. It meant not having to go back to a shelter again."


If HOW raises $10,000 through its Day of Giving the agency will receive a $10,000 matching gift! HOW only receives these funds if we make our goal so donate now!

HOW utilizes the Housing First model which prioritizes providing housing to people experiencing homelessness before addressing other existing barriers to their wellbeing. We know that healing begins at home. 

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Through firsthand accounts, HOW's Rx Housing: Lived Experiences speaker session will demonstrate the ways in which housing is a protective factor and plays a vital role a person's mental and physical wellbeing. Register to attend Rx Housing: Lived Experiences at noon on August 25th using the button below.

Want to learn more about the interplay between health and housing? Take some time to engage with the material in our Learning Guide.

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Want to take it a step further? Individuals looking to engage their networks in conversation about the intersection of health and housing can become a HOW Ambassador. Ambassadors will invite friends, neighbors, and community members to watch HOW's Rx Housing: Lived Experiences session and then facilitate a discussion among the group using materials provided by HOW. ​ Learn more here.

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