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Become a HOW Day of Giving Ambassador.

Who are HOW Day of Giving Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are individuals passionate about housing equity, homelessness or health. Ambassadors do NOT need to be knowledgeable about these topics, but rather enthusiastic supporters and advocates looking to spread awareness and engage their networks in meaningful conversation.

What Will Ambassadors do?

Day of Giving Ambassadors are responsible for gathering a small group on August 25th to participate in a shared learning experience and discussion. Ambassadors will start by showing the group HOW's Rx Housing Lived Experiences video, and then lead a discussion.

How Will Ambassadors Engage Their Networks?

HOW provide Ambassadors with everything they need to manage and run their events smoothly. See guide below.

You can also find the Ambassador Facilitation guide here.

How Do I Become an Ambassador?

Register to become a HOW Day of Giving Ambassador by clicking the pencil.

HOW Day of Giving Ambassador Guide


HOW is celebrating its second annual Day of Giving on Tuesday, August 25th to commemorate the organization's founding. Too often the origin of clients' housing instability or homelessness is linked to a deterioration in their health. This year's Day of Giving will focus on the remarkable healing power of home, spotlighting HOW's clients as they share their stories and resilience. 



Ambassador Responsibilities

Ambassadors are responsible for gathering a small group to collectively view HOW's Rx Housing: Lived Experiences video and facilitate a discussion regarding topics covered in the video.



  1. Decide how and when you’d like to “host” this event. There is no preferred time for these discussions as long as they take place on August 25th.  We ask that you consider the current state of public health within your city before hosting an in-person discussion. If you plan to host your discussion virtually we recommend using an online platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger Rooms.

  2. Invite your network to participate. We’ve found groups of 5-7 work best for video-based group discussions. You can invite your network using whatever method you prefer (i.e., email, text, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

    1. We’ve included a sample email to send to your invitees (see below).

  3. Collect RSVPs and report your guest list to HOW. Send HOW an email with the following information by no later than August 18th:

    • Event time and location

    • Event attendees (names and emails)

    • Host the event!




Ambassador Checklist

2-3 Weeks before the event

____ Decide where to “host” event

____ Send invites

____ track RSVPS

____ Email Meg Kostecka guest list and event details


Day Before the Event

____ Send a reminder to all attendees with the event link, and pre-reading materials.

____ Test out your technology: Open the application you will be using to host your event. Make sure you know how to share your screen. This is how your guests will be able to watch the video.

____ Review the facilitator’s guide to make sure you are ready to guide the post-viewing discussion.


Day of the Event

____ Review the Facilitators Guide again

____ Sign-on 10 minutes before your event is slated to start

____ Host your event

____ Encourage your guests to donate to HOW to help individuals and families experience housing insecurity stay safely housed across Chicagoland.


Invitation Sample Script

Below is a sample email you can use to invite friends. Please update the highlighted fields.

Hello Name!

As you know, I’m a passionate supporter of Housing Opportunities for Women (HOW) and I’m thrilled to invite you to a special small-group discussion on August 25th from Time to Time as a part of the nonprofit’s annual Day of Giving.

Please join me and a small group of friends as we will watch a video from HOW featuring clients sharing their stories and speaking towards the lifechanging power of a stable home. 


You do NOT need to be an expert about housing or health to participate! But I do recommend you read this quick policy brief about the relationship between health and housing before our get-together so we can all start from a place of understanding. My hope for this event is to gather a group of wonderful people who are excited to learn and discuss a very important topic while also supporting HOW. You can find more details about HOW’s Day of Giving here.


Please RSVP by no later than August 17th.

Event Details:

- Date: August 25th

- Time: TIME to TIME

- Location: Your Personal Virtual Meeting Link


I look forward to hearing from you!

Your name


You can find the Facilitation guide to run your discussion here. 

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