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HOW clients are among those most vulnerable to the health and economic hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hearing so many heartbreaking updates from our clients. Single mothers losing their jobs because they need to stay home with their children who are no longer in school. Those with chronic health issues being asked to postpone doctor visits. Neighborhood food banks and resource centers shutting down, while bills and rent payments are piling up. Meanwhile, vital supplies like groceries and cleaning products are nearly impossible to find. 


The livelihood and health of our clients may be at greater risk, but the housing and the services they receive from HOW can’t be.  

This is why we need your support.  


While the need is increasing daily, agency fundraising is not keeping pace. In fact, we’ve had to cancel our gala and other fundraising events.  Our clients rely on us. We rely on you. We need you support now more than ever. 


Please consider taking action using one of the methods below. 

How You Can Help

Help HOW to address the immediate needs of our clients allowing them to stay safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.


For those looking for entertaining and unique ways to support HOW from home during the COVID-19 quarantine, check out our awesome guide with fun activities including: virtual happy hours, a kid-friendly homelessness lesson, and crowdfunding ideas.


“I love you guys. Thanks for everything you do for us.”

“Y’all are very helpful and respectful and accountable, I just want to say thank u so very much.”

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“I would like to personally thank HOW for helping myself and family maintain stability :)”

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