HOW is thrilled to announce we have received a pledge to match up to $25,000.00 worth of contributions to our Client Stabilization Fund. That means every dollar you donate will be worth double!

5 Creative Ways To Make a Difference

During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Happy Hour

Community matters and it's important to stay in touch with friends and family despite not being able to physically meet-up.

Schedule a friend for a virtual happy hour or coffee date, and sip on a glass of wine or enjoy a nice cup of home-brewed coffee while catching up. You can then donate the amount of money you would have spent at the bar or coffee shop to HOW! 




You've got talents and plenty of time on your hands. Use your social media accounts to advertise your skills and ask friends and family to purchase your homemade goods. It could be a funny greeting card, a special guide to making your perfect pesto, a home workout name it.

You can ask that people make a donation to HOW in lieu of payment!


For a 


Many people who have been training for 3, 5, or 10k run now find themselves without a race to participate in.

Well we say let the run go on (kind of)!  While it may not be as exciting as the people-packed race you anticipated, we think you should go on a personal run for the distance you signed-up for. You can set up a crowdfunding page (directions below) and encourage friends and family to donate to HOW in support of your modified race.

No Shave Stay at Home Order

No-Shave-November? How about No-Shave-Stay-At-Home Order? Commit to not shaving until all Stay At Home orders have been lifted. You can create a crowdfunding page (directions below) and ask folks to support HOW as your charity of choice. 




There are many parents at home looking for ways to educate and entertain their children while schools are closed. Check out HOW's kid-friendly guide to homelessness with lessons and activities. Consider making a donation if you use the guide!

How to Set Up Your Own Crowdfunding Page

You can set up your fundraising goal directly from HOW’s goal page by clicking on the “Create My Own Fundraising Page” button. You will be emailed a link and can customize your page by updating your story, adding a photo, and creating a new individualized fundraising goal.


Be sure to check your junk or spam mail for the link to your customized page. It often gets sent to the spam/junk folder. 

Where and How to Post on Social Media

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