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Join the #IamHOW Campaign and Share Your Story!

Each one of us cares about ending homelessness and poverty for a different reason.


Maybe you experienced homelessness or struggled to find affordable housing.

Maybe you know someone who has dealt with those challenges. 

Maybe you believe we need to look out for one another.

Maybe it's important to you to be part of the solution.

Whatever your reason, there's power in telling your story.

For HOW's 35th Anniversary year, let's come together and share our stories to increase awareness about homelessness and housing inequality, learn about people working to gain stability and rebuild their lives, and bring our HOW community together.

Tell us why YOU are HOW:

#IamHOW because I experienced...

#IamHOW because I believe...

#IamHOW because I want...

Please take a moment to share your story with us! 

I support HOW not just because homelessness is widespread, not just because homelessness is so hurtful and not just because HOW staff are capable compassionate people.  I support HOW because what HOW does WORKS.  As a philanthropic investor, I know that every dollar I invest with HOW will make a difference for the women, children and men who are HOW clients.

I am HOW


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Thank you for your story!

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